Massachusetts Route 85

Route 85

Map of central Massachusetts with Route 85 highlighted in red

Route information

21.0100 mi[1] (33.8123 km)

Major junctions

South end:
Route 16 in Milford


I‑495 in Milford
Route 135 in Hopkinton
Route 9 / Route 30 in Southborough
US 20 in Marlborough
I‑290 / I‑495 (via Super 2 connector through Marlborough) / Route 62 in Hudson

North end:
Route 117 in Bolton

Highway system

Massachusetts State Highway System


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Route 85, is a north–south state highway in Massachusetts, United States. It passes through the heart of Boston’s MetroWest region, through towns on the eastern edge of Worcester County and western edge of Middlesex County, crossing the border between the two counties four times. Throughout its entire distance, Route 85 runs parallel to I-495, never passing more than two miles from it.


1 Route description

1.1 Route 85 Connector

2 Future

2.1 Improvements to Route 85 in Hudson
2.2 Hudson Route 85 Bridge

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Route description[edit]
Route 85 begins in the town of Milford at Route 16, just west of the downtown area. It passes east of Milford Pond before meeting I-495 at Exit 20. From there, Route 85 heads northward into Hopkinton, passing the eastern side of Echo Lake. It intersects Route 135 at the center of town, less than a quarter mile west of the start line of the Boston Marathon. It then passes through Hopkinton State Forest and past the Hopkinton Reservoir before entering the town of Southborough.

Southbound in Hopkinton

In Southborough, Route 85 crosses under I-90 (the Mass Pike) without junction; the nearest exit is in neighboring Framingham. It then meets Route 9, the second of the four major east-west routes out of Boston, in an elevated four-way cloverleaf intersection. It then crosses the Sudbury Reservoir before meeting Route 30 at the center of town. From there, Route 85 continues northward into Marlborough, meeting U.S. Route 20 in the downtown area. It then crosses the far western edge of the Fort Meadow Reservoir before crossing into Hudson.
Shortly after entering Hudson, Route 85 meets Hudson Street, the super two connector road between Route 85 and the junction of I-290 and I-495 at I-495’s Exit 25 and I-290’s terminus, Exit 26. From there Route 85 heads north, crossing the Assa